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Holmarsdottir, H. B. (2007). Implementing a new Language-in-Education Policy: A look at the coping strategies among teachers in three South African primary schools. Curriculum and Teaching, 22(1): 5-24 


Holmarsdottir, H. B. (2007). Language alternation as a coping strategy among teachers in South African classrooms. In: B. Brock-Utne, Z. Desai and M. Qorro (Eds.), Focusing on Fresh Data on the Language of instruction Debate in Tanzania and South Africa (pp. 193-217). Cape Town: African Minds


Huang, L. (2007). The contribution of home background to student

inequality in secondary schools in Norway. In: D. M. Mcinerney, S. Van

Etten and M. Dowson (Eds), Standards in Education. Research on

Sociocultural Influences on Motivation and Learning (pp. 331-346).

Greenwich CT: Information Age Press






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